Why Sophiq

Smart management demands a targeted no-nonsense focus on the execution of your Business Strategy. That’s exactly what Sophiq provides; Systematic, pragmatic and project-managed.

With Sophiq you will define your business Objectives, Goals and Targets and then implement, review and refine a task-oriented growth plan, tailored to meet your requirements. If activities add no tangible business value to your specific plan or project, it has no place in it.
Sophiq creates order, cohesion and consistency. It puts leadership in control – real control. It is only with Sophiq that you’ll achieve sustainable improvements in productivity, manageable change, and dramatic improvement in profits.

FinTech nomination

Embedded Intelligence
Because of the embedded intelligence engine you are now able to visualize the logic of your Business Strategy. What is the context, what are dependencies, how do you know if you are meeting the Performance criteria and who is responsible for what? Sophiq is designed for connecting these dots together. Sophiq informs you with high precision about the current status of your Goal oriented actions. It knows exactly what the next best step needs to be in order to reach them; faster, better, easier. It’s the GPS for your Business. It brings you safe and sound to your destination.

Planning & ControlIntegrated Planning & Control
The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle in Sophiq enables Executives and Managers to really drive their Performance. It is this concept that increases their ability to run their daily operations while being permanently in control. Making well thought-out plans, implementing these properly, while monitoring and adjusting on a continuous basis.

Best practise templates
Together with experts in their field, we have designed best practises Business templates for among others:

    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Human Resources
    • Supply chain

Within 30 minutes you have plotted your specific Business reality in Sophiq. Ready to rock and roll.

Analyze what’s Being Delivered
Sophiq enables you to streamline your management cycle and reporting processes. As a result, your organization saves a great deal of time managing, reporting, and analyzing.