Delivering the Fourth Revolution to your doorstep

August 11, 2019
By Michael Knulst

In May 2019 Sovereign Magazine, a Global Magazine for Executives and Leading Entrepreneurs, published my article about Industry 4.0.

There were so many positive reactions on this article that it was republished in the August edition of Sovereign.

Article Fourth Revolution

Sovereign Magazine is available to read throughout UK and Swiss airport private lounges. The articles are also available online at

The Dynamics of Sales

August 22, 2018
By Michael Knulst
My vision on Sales Performance Dynamics is published in the new edition of the magazine Business Booster Today.
With this edition of the Business Booster Today Magazine the founders are show casing successful entrepreneurs and providing a platform to share knowledge. They want to feature the Shakers and movers of the business world.

Get my article on: The Dynamics of Sales

Sales Academy

Juli 31, 2018
By Michael Knulst

In everything you do delivering value and making a distinctive contribution is key!
Today I signed the contract for training and coaching sales trainees. Together with the Skondras Sales Academy, we have designed a curriculum that goes beyond learning sales skills only. It covers for example important topics like mind-set, goal setting, strategic thinking, productivity, performance, social selling, mastering instruments such as Sales Navigator and time/energy management.

Skondras pic 1

This program is powered by Skondras, an international group that delivers sales services. They have offices in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and United Kingdom. They service customers like Google, Oracle, BP,, HP, Pfizer and Nissan.
I am grateful and feel blessed that from out of my role and experience as a Sales Strategist, I can make a contribution to the professional development of young and ambitious people who want to make a difference to their customers and their career.

How to innovate faster?

April 10, 2018
By Michael Knulst

Last night I was at IMN LA in Glendale USA. More than an ordinary business club for sure. It has a strong international focus and the club owner, Jeff Lazarus is adding so much value to the members. He truly leads by example. I was honoured to be invited as their guest speaker. My speech was about innovation: How to innovate faster?

LA Gig

Finding your WOZ…

November 12, 2017
By Michael Knulst

‘The Woz’ is the nick name of Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. I have had the opportunity to meet this wonderful man in November 2017 on the Mega Success event in Los Angeles, USA.
He was interviewed by JT Foxx and what I found remarkable was how down to earth, eloquent and nice he appeared to be. He is also very open, modest and approachable. The Woz is known as the quiet genius whom has many innovations on his name.

A Steve Wozniak

It was such an honour to have this picture taken together with my youngest son.
Every (high tech) company should have their own Woz and I am so grateful that I have found mine.
These people really are one of a kind. Did you already find your Woz?

Thank you South Africa

August 13, 2017
By Michael Knulst

Today, I shared about getting into control over your life and business and getting the results you want. When you have the right systems and instruments in place you will have the power to lead effectively. Now you are in the driver’s seat of your own destiny: Having control over your life and business and getting the results in a faster, better and even more simpler way.

Thank you South Africa – you were amazing. It was a great honour to speak in front of an enthusiastic and passionate crowd of over 1800 people from 31 countries in Johannesburg at the Money Wealth Business Conference. Thank you for having me there.

Michael Knulst-key picture with text referral

The Nelson Mandela Legacy

August 12, 2017
By Michael Knulst

Today I was privileged to meet Ndaba Mandela in Johanneburg, South Africa. He is the grandson of Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela had a “long walk to freedom”, yet his footprints still remain. Following in the footsteps of his beloved and iconic grandfather, Ndaba Mandela has taken the torch – and ran with it. Today, Nelson Mandela’s legacy continues as Ndaba keeps its beacon of hope bright, fueling its fiery message that one person can make a difference.

Ndabe Mandela

Ndaba was recently named one of the “28 Men of Change” by BET. Today, Ndaba is showing the world, through his actions and orations, that Nelson Mandela’s voice and message of freedom still carries and rings true – sounded by a child that became a man under the warm embrace and expert tutelage of one of history’s greatest teachers. He continues to keep Mandela on the world’s mind.
Ndaba is passionate about engaging the South African youth in the process of taking control of their destiny now.