Intelligent Roadmaps

Data-driven Monitoring & Control

Execution is the Key to Success

Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of your operations and do you have the unsettled feeling that you are not sufficiently in control?
The intelligent Roadmaps of Sophiq will get you back into the driver's seat. Providing focus, grip and control over the execution of your plans.

Sophiq is the GPS for your business! It clearly visualizes what actions are needed to help your company achieve its goals; on every level in your business. Focusing on driving results; faster, better and easier…

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Strategy = Execution

More than ever, it is of vital importance that your plans are executed fast and without failure. Executing strategy -getting the right things done- has become the real differentiator in today’s economy.

The intelligent Roadmaps of Sophiq equip successful execution of your plans, programs, projects or campaigns. We provide best practices templates for almost every Roadmap on Strategy, Business or IT.

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Unfair advantage

Instead of being overwhelmed by complexity or to be surprised by new facts, you have to be fully in control. The intelligent Roadmaps of Sophiq support you in focusing on and perform successful execution.
They are the unfair, sustainable, advantage for your business.

sophiq saas solution