Executive Frontline Control

The Intelligent Marketing & Sales Performance Platform

40 to 70% miss their Targets!

Within many companies Sales Targets are not achieved. This causes unwanted and unforeseen Disruptions in the Business and therefore a growing Pressure on Performance. What are the main Reasons?

• Marketing and Sales software tools focus on partial solutions;
• Poor Management information;
• Lack of alignment between Business-, Marketing- and Sales strategies;
• Sales plans are not executable.

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The added Value of Sophiq

What does Sophiq differently?

• It aligns Sales Strategy with Business Strategy
• It aligns Marketing with Sales
• It maps Sales processes to the Customer Experience
• It integrates relevant Business data into the Sales process

Sophiq equips successful execution of your Sales strategy & -plans and your Marketing programs, -projects and -campaigns.

Your Unfair Advantage

Instead of being overwhelmed by complexity, information & communication gaps or to be surprised by new facts, you are fully in control. The Intelligent Sales Platform of Sophiq supports you in focusing on and performing of successful execution. Driving Performance, Engagement and Alignment.
Sophiq is the unfair, sustainable, advantage for your business.

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