• Sophiq_Integrated management through cohesion
  • Sophiq_Effectiveness through risk-aware management
  • Sophiq_Decisiveness through clear insights

Successful programmes

Programmes are complex and have many relationships and dependencies.

Sophiq brings you coherence:
  • Visualize relationships between goals and activities
  • Continuous insights into stakeholders, risks and benefits
  • Proactive and rapid identification of disruptions

Sophiq improves cooperation:
  • Streamlined communication between everybody involved
  • Based on the proven method of the PDCA-cycle

sophiq managementinstrument

Acquisition of insight

Managing a programme is a difficult task. Sophiq supports programme management:

  • Knowledge from all involved efficiently gathered
  • Data easily obtained from every source
  • Data easily prepared with our data manager
  • Budget, quality and time measures included by default

Knowledge and data merged into valuable and easy to understand information.

Features and benefits

  • Data is secured in a separate database for every customer
  • Fast to implement, easy to use
  • All important decisions are recorded

  • Rapid structural savings on budget
  • Less pressure of work
  • More programme successes!

sophiq saas solution