The Leadership 4.0 Platform of Sophiq is a Data-driven, Industry 4.0 Solution that maximizes your Performance.
The power of the Sophiq Platform is that it enforces you to continuously focus on results!
It enables you to streamline your Business strategy into an easy to understand format.

Sophiq is made intelligent because of the use of specific algorithms in which the logic of your Strategy, Plan or Project is embedded. Having your Business goals and objectives in mind, Sophiq exactly knows what actions have to take place in order to reach them. It’s the GPS for your business.

Talking of that: To put you completely in the driver’s seat, we also integrated a Planning & Control module in Sophiq.
So now you are also able to manage each step towards the realization of your goal. Sophiq brings you back in control.

The visual Roadmaps of Sophiq provide you with Overview, Need-to-know information and Predictability.

The benefits of Sophiq:

  • More focus
  • Better decisions
  • Effective communication

Sophiq leads to better and sustainable results.

Disruptions in workflow quickly identified by Sophiq


Sophiq is a Blockchain-based Collaborative Process Control Platform.
Our disruptive solution is the first implementation that leverages blockchain for collaborative process execution and monitoring. Sophiq has adopted blockchain technology to address the lack-of-trust problem in collaborative business processes.
We have developed an approach to map a business process onto a peer-to-peer execution infrastructure that stores transactions in a blockchain, offering the following benefits:
A. We provide a monitoring facility that integrates an automatic and immutable transaction history.
B. Smart contracts can be used as a direct implementation of the mediator process control logic.
C. We obtain an audit trail for the complete collaborative business processes, for which escrow and conflict resolution can be enforced automatically.

The Leadership 4.0 Platform of Sophiq has built-in intelligence. Where most software solutions are created to “simply” support administrative tasks, Sophiq is built to not only register what users enter but also to support the user execute their tasks. Sophiq makes this possible with Intelligent Controls and Automated Reasoning.
The intelligence consists of 5 layers:
1. Structure by providing formats with predefined structure, logic and kpi’s
2. Big data analytics
3. Algorythms that detects linkages within your field of execution
4. Datasets for Benchmarking
5. Integrated Planning & Control

DevelopmentPowerful Visualizations
Visual Blueprints keep everyone in Sync. Sophiq is attuned to the experiential world  of Executives, Business leaders and Knowledge workers. Its power is in visualizing the goals and objectives, mapping them to relevant actions and connecting them to the right people, processes and projects. What you see is what you’ll understand; at one single glance. This makes Sophiq extremely powerful.

Dashboard 2

Better Decisions

A clear understanding of your operations and management processes ensures that everybody is on the same page. Streamlined one-page reports enable fast and effective decision making. You prioritize on a clear basis, in accordance with agreements that exclude the possibility of ambiguity. It leads to better results, considerable time savings, and increased returns.

Disruptions in workflow quickly identified by Sophiq

Identify Disruptions

Any disruptions that occur in the workflow and activities are quickly identified by Sophiq; it also detects any processes that do not contribute to the Business goals and objectives of the company. This keeps your organization on its toes and it means everybody’s efforts remain directed towards the successful execution of your Business strategy.


Forward control is the new standard and Sophiq is the early warning system that supports you in making proactive decisions. It provides you with clear insights in how the scheduled time relates to the actual time in relation to the tasks and deliverables, and what the next expected and required actions or inputs should be.

Sophiq Assistance with reports and accountability

Corporate alignment

Sophiq aligns the Goals, Objectives and Targets of your execution with your top-level business goals. On every level in your organization: From division, to business unit, from department to projects. This ensures stakeholder engagement, improved communications and accountability. There will be more to the point communication, fewer and shorter meetings, less time devoted to status updates, better understanding and cooperation and last but not least, less ad hoc communication.

Sophiq Assistance with reports and accountabilityData-driven

Processes are increasingly integrating and becoming more complicated and diverse than it’s ever been. The importance of (big) data and translating this data into actionable insights is an important element of making businesses more effective. Sophiq includes connections between different devices, sources, systems and media.

Gorgon complete

With Sophiq you can oversee the complexity, and take decisions that manifestly contribute to your Business Goals and Objectives.
It’s about the essence of truly understanding the challenges in your Business. We designed Sophiq from out of a radical business user’s perspective: Clean, minimalistic and friendly.