PDCA | plan do check act



Plan: translate plans to a clear and logical structure

In this phase, you define your goals, success factors, courses of action and other relevant indicators in so-called objective trees. You also define the required input forms, reader files, and dashboards. Management logic in text documents is made visual and explicit by Sophiq.


Do: gather indicators and information on progress

Data are registered in systems and entered into Sophiq. You obtain information on progress via the defined progress forms that have been filled in by the organisation or by suppliers. The forms can also be used to acquire information from customer surveys. It is not usually possible to record this type of contextual information in systems, even though it is important for the purpose of taking correct decisions.


Check: visualise the logic and the dependencies

The logic you have defined is shown on the Sophiq dashboard. At a single glance, you can see the status of your objectives, success factors and efforts. You can request in-depth information about specific subjects on the detail dashboards, on which figures are combined with contextual information.


Act: intervene and record your decisions

In this phase, you safeguard temporary management measures by recording decisions that have been taken. If they lead to fresh insights, then you simply adjust the logic in the system. By continually evaluating plans, implementation measures, and adjustments to management actions you will become a learning organisation!