Less Management More Control

The Leadership 4.0 Platform

Sophiq is the world’s ONLY Leadership 4.0 software platform that provides modern executives total control over the goals, objectives and metrics, which drive revenue and growth. Sophiq is a data-driven power tool for executives that focuses on maximizing productivity and profitability, delivering instant value with less management and more control while ensuring a return-on-investment within months, not years!

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The added Value of Sophiq

Sophiq is a Blockchain-based Collaborative Process Control Platform.
Our disruptive solution is the first implementation that leverages blockchain for collaborative process execution and monitoring.
Sophiq has adopted blockchain technology to address the lack-of-trust problem in collaborative business processes. We have developed an approach to map a business process onto a peer-to-peer execution infrastructure that stores transactions in a blockchain.

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Your Unfair Advantage

Instead of being overwhelmed by complexity, information & communication gaps or to be surprised by new facts, you are fully in control. The Leadership 4.0 Platform of Sophiq supports you in focusing on and performing of successful execution. Driving Performance, Engagement and Alignment.
Sophiq is the unfair, sustainable, advantage for your business.

sophiq saas solution