Poor chain management costs companies millions

Sophiq helps you keep control of your product chain. In many cases, working together with many external parties does not appear to be as profitable as was originally thought.

This is because, in practice, there is a lack of clear information about the activities and performance of outsourcing partners. Businesses realise that in today’s economy, deliveries have to be made more quickly and that they have to offer greater diversity. Outsourcing means being able to focus on your core activities. However, the complexity of the chain has increased markedly due to pressures on cost-price, the market demand for diversity, and the numerous opportunities that exist.

This greater level of complexity makes the management of chain partners very awkward. Moreover, you may find yourself confronted by high costs that are difficult to explain or disprove.

Sophiq puts you back in control

Working well with other parties requires clear coordination in the chain and seamless connections between the various parties in it. In other words, it requires perfect visual integration of the different process and communication flows. With clear agreements on reporting methods, you keep the initiative and control of every process. Sophiq helps you here and generates clear, web-based forms that every partner in the chain can use to make their reports, simply and without ambiguities. This means you always know what is going on, you can limit your risks, and also increase your productivity.

Sophiq offers you:
  • Integrated management through cohesion: you are always aware of how things stand with your suppliers
  • Effectiveness through clear insights: any risks that arise as a result of the activities of suppliers are identified at an earlier stage
  • Decisiveness through risk-aware management: the costs for monitoring suppliers can be reduced
  • With Sophiq, you have clear sight of the strength of every link in the chain.